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MA CHÉRIE is derived from French and means "my dear". MA CHERIE BRIDAL provides dear customers with high-quality and unique wedding dresses and professional and considerate services.

MA CHERIE BRIDAL was founded in 2017. The founder is a fashion designer and stylist in Hong Kong with professional knowledge and past experience in designing wedding and occasion dresses for many celebrities and ladies. She feels that haute couture dresses should not only be the patents of celebrities and ladies, and ordinary people should also have the opportunity to wear them. Therefore, she chose to open an upstairs bridal shop in the Kwun Tong industrial building, which not only allows customers to enjoy an exclusive fitting environment with high privacy, but also it can greatly save the rental cost, and the funds are mainly invested in the quality of the dresses, which greatly improves the cost-effectiveness of the dresses. Since its opening, it has been widely praised by brides and customers.

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Ricca Sposa Wedding Gown
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About Ma Cherie

Authorized Dealership

In order to provide more high-quality, unique and diversified choices, our shop is not limited to its own design field, but also gathers the essence of design from all over the world. At present, we carry different international designer brands from Azerbaijan, Belarus, France, Italy, Spain, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom, United States and other countries. Some of the brands are exclusively available in Hong Kong at MA CHERIE BRIDAL only.

Ricca Sposa
Sophie Couture
The Sposa Group
The Sposa Group
Pollardi Fashion Group
Elena Morar
Ronald Joyce
Oksana Mukha
Pollardi Fashion Group
Luce Sposa
Pollardi Fashion Group
Terani Couture
Anna Sposa Group
Eva Lendel
Andrea & Leo
Tarik Ediz
Ronald Joyce
Giovanna Alessandro
Divino Rose
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